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Gentle Touch Reflexology - an introduction to Gentle Touch Reflexology with founder Sue Ricks - Buffalo, New York State, US

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A one day course to introduce you to Gentle Touch Reflexology
You will learn the philosophy behind the technique as well as the practical treatment techniques and routines. In working with Sue Ricks you will get to share her experience of the power and potential of this technique.

This subtle method of working allows practitioners to develop a lifelong skill that supports both the client and practitioner. The treatment is soothing to the recipient and light in application. Many who have experienced discomfort in either receiving or giving a reflexology treatment find this technique a delightful enhancement to their existing skills.

All attendees will receive a certificate that can be used for continuing professional development (CPD)


"The course was amazing, it was definitely life changing for me.  I feel that channels of energy have been awoken.  They were obviously always there but I was never tuned into them.  Sue was so passionate about everything that she spoke about and that enthusiasm has rubbed off on me, not only in my reflexology but in the way I'm tackling life! I have never understood Chakra's until last week.  I was always the person sitting quietly at the back and gently agreeing with everything that was being said to avoid being asked any questions. It was a lot of mumbo jumbo.  Sue's description of Chakra's together with the charts have given me an understanding.  "I have seen the light" It all made such sense.  I don't understand why I've never got it before!"

Dawn Smith, Leicester

"Having recently qualified as a reflexologist I was interested in exploring ways to enhance my treatments. I knew that reflexology worked but I felt there was something missing. I wanted to be able to really connect with my clients and work more intuitively. I enrolled on the Gentle Touch reflexology 3 day workshop following a recommendation from a colleague who had trained with Sue previously. The course was amazing! Sue’s style of teaching is relaxed and informal which makes it so much easier to learn. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she is more than happy to share with you. Sue’s course has changed the way I think and “feel” about reflexology and it has enabled me to make the connection with my clients that was previously missing, allowing me to work at a much deeper level. I would recommend anyone to book a course with Sue, you will come away with so much more than a certificate!"

Claire Roughton