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Hot Stone Reflexology with Gentle Touch™ Reflexology

1 Hour


Combining Gentle Touch Reflexology with Hot Stone Reflexology is a delightful way of adding a little valuable extra treat for yourself.


"Hot stones reflexology is the best treat for cold winter days! Combining Sue's amazing reflexology treatments with blissfully warm hot stones in place of fingertips it is the most relaxing thing ever.  I would thoroughly recommend it" Client CM (February 2012)

What happens during the Treatment/Consultation?

A treatment of Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology with Hot stones lasts for approximately one hour.

On your first visit I will make assessments on how is the best way to help you. In order to do this I will need to ask you some questions about your health, your life and current circumstances. Any information that I gain at this Initial Consultation Stage will help me to decide on what type of treatment to recommend for you & will of course remain entirely confidential.

After we have had a discussion about you and your reasons for coming to the clinic, we will explore where the best place is to start. When you are settled comfortably into a reclining chair I will use a very light oil or lotion to gently massage all areas of your feet and use the warm stones as appropriate for a delightful relaxing effect. I will be feeling for small variations in your feet, skin and tissue. I will be varying what I do in the treatment according to the information I gain and the observations of your feet (including shape, temperature, colour and general appearance) as we go. Using Hot Stone Reflexology can be a gorgeous experience and something to really look forward to!

The whole treatment feels like an extremely light, pleasurable and soothing touch that may surprise you (as it utilises stones). The only way to know how good the treatment is, is to try it!
Some clients find the treatments so relaxing that they go to sleep, whilst others take the opportunity to talk. You will be given the opportunity to rest in the chair for a short while after the treatment to allow the healing to continue before you rush off to continue with your everyday life.

A comment from a client about his Reflexology treatment was “It helped me to relax, made me feel better and just worked!”

When is a good time to have a Hot Stone Reflexology Treatment?

  • Any time when you deserve a treat
  • When it's cold outside & when you want the Hot Stones to really support you.
  • When your energy is low
  • When you need a boost
  • Anytime you Feel in need of a beneficial treatment.

How do I arrange a Consultation?

Press the "Book now" button to choose your time slot or to buy a session that can be redeemed over the phone.